STRONG 2020 Workshop


STRONG 2020 (14-16 September - University of York) is included in the activities of the working package WP25 (Light-and heavy-quark hadron spectroscopy) of the project STRONG-2020. It has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 824093.

POSTER: SE  PWA for pion photoproduction with vfixed-t analyticity

The major topics of the workshop will cover:

1) Precision calculations in non-perturbative QCD: Effective Field Theories, analyticity, dispersion relations and Lattice QCD

2) Spectroscopy & Exotic states

3) Hadron Decays & Production

4) Form factors, LECs, fundamental parameters of QCD and light nuclei


KLF Collaboration

K Long Facility


We are theoretical physicists at Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics - University of Tuzla. Our group is a part of the Mainz - Tuzla - Zagreb Partial Wave Analysis collaboration.

As a part of the MTZ PWA, our results are "above the line" in PDG library.

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