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Single-energy partial wave analysis for π0 photoproduction on the proton with fixed-t analyticity imposed

  • Received 16 August 2019


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High-precision data of the $\gamma p \rightarrow \pi^0p$ reaction from its threshold up to W=1.9GeV have been used in order to perform a single-energy partial-wave analysis with minimal model dependence. Continuity in energy was achieved by imposing constraints from fixed-t analyticity in an iterative procedure. Reaction models were only used as starting point in the very first iteration. We demonstrate that, with this procedure, partial-wave amplitudes can be obtained which show only a minimal dependence on the initial model assumptions.



SFB-S3 Collaboration meeting - Mainz 2019 Program

SFB-S3 Collaboration meeting
Partial Wave Analysis with Analytical Constraints
Mainz, 18-21 February 2019

Talks can be downloaded from our GitHub Page

Monday, 18 February, 10:00-12:00, A2 meeting room, Neubau, 1OG, 01-122

Jugoslav Stahov/Hedim Osmanovic: Preliminary results on single-energy PWA for $\gamma,\pi$
Rifat Omerovic:  Data binning for PWA of pion photoproduction

Monday, 18 February, 14:00-17:00, A2 meeting room, Neubau, 1OG

Tuesday, 19 February, 10:00-12:00, KPH Seminar Room, Foyer

Michael Ostrick: Opening
Andrey Sarantsev: Eta Photoproduction in the Bonn-Gatchina model
Deborah Rönchen: Eta Photoproduction in the Jülich-Bonn model

Tuesday, 19 February, 14:00-17:00, KPH, Seminar Room

R.Beck, F.Afzal : New experimental results from ELSA and MAMI
Lothar Tiator: Eta Photoproduction in the MAID model
Alfred Svarc: Phase Ambiguities in Eta Photoproduction

Tuesday, 19 February, 17:30 dinner in "Plaka"

Wednesday, 20 February, 10:00-12:00, A2 meeting room, Neubau, 1OG, 01-122

Kirill Nikonov: Dispersion Relations for Eta Photoproduction
Misha Gorchtein: Behaviour of Regge background under DR
Victor Kashevarov: Results on DR for high energies and proton and neutron

Wednesday, 20 February, 14:00-17:00, A2 meeting room, Neubau, 1OG

Thursday, 21 February, 10:00-12:00, A2 meeting room, Neubau, 1OG, 01-122

KLF Collaboration

K Long Facility


We are theoretical physicists at Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics - University of Tuzla. Our group is a part of the Mainz - Tuzla - Zagreb Partial Wave Analysis collaboration.

As a part of the MTZ PWA, our results are "above the line" in PDG library.

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